Great Keppel Island Home. Freehold

Price: $1.9Million (negotiable)

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  • 1100 sq meters
  • Freehold Property
  • 3 Bedroom Home + 1 Bedroom Cottage




This absolute beachfront 1100 s/m freehold property and home is now on the market, this home was the last home built on Great Keppel Island and was built by a master builder.

This magnificent home is constructed out of strong and sturdy Rockblock and has ample light and gardens ready for re distribution and planting, as the owner lives overseas and rarely visits the home.

With 3 bedrooms on two levels with the master bedroom looking out over the blue waters to the mainland including a 1 bedroom cottage at the rear with separate entrance.

The property is zoned residential/commercial, which translates to a residence with income.

The home can be let out separately or the I bedroom cottage at the rear, there fore mitigating any out goings.

The main resort on Keppel Island is going through a few development options, at the moment, there has been an approval for a $650M resort and marina development and 18 hole golf course, this development will be bigger and bolder than Hamilton Island.

Who ever buys this home will be sitting in the box seat, as this property is freehold, and the resort is leasehold, and gives the owner the front of house advantage, by being able to enjoy all the new resorts infrastructure including restaurants and marina, power and water (yet to be approved) and being right on the beach, the resort will have a new aircraft runway built to accommodate jet service to all the major eastern airports.

The asking price is $1.7M, this represents excellent value for the new purchaser who will be able to enjoy the benefits of a tropical island with the best 17 white beaches on any island in the coral sea, and have the use of the new resort when built.

Freehold property will only go up in value from here, as all the other private homes on the island were built in the 60-70-80’s, and are asking similar money, the difference is that this home will stand for another 40 years or so, where the others will have to be pulled down and rebuilt, therefore to purchase any other home on the island you would be paying for land value, not house value as they are so old and need of replacement in a few years.

Get in quick, let me show you this home and I will demonstrate its worth and investment potential.

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