Marble Island – The Duke Group 3 Islands included in the sale

Price: $15 Million

Quick Info

Type: Set of 3 Islands

Land Size:

  • Marble Island – 2500 Acres
  • Hunter Island – 300 Acres
  • Tynemouth Island – 500 Acres


  • Owners Beach House
  • Manager’s House
  • Guest House
  • Sheds and Cold Rooms


This property is excellent value as it includes all 3 islands of Marble, Hunter and Tynmouth.The main island Marble Island is currently utilised for guests as well as the family home.

These islands have a myriad of wildlife including cattle and various types of deer all surrounded by many magnificent white beaches and turquoise pristine water.

The property is under a rollover lease, however this lease is as good as freehold as the current lease is for 70 years and at the end of the term, it automatically rolls over to a further 30 years and so on.

The island is well suited for an exclusive private retreat or a commercial type enterprise; the access to the island is either by boat or aircraft.

There are many assets on the island, such as a barge various boats and vehicles as well as engineering and maintenance sheds. There is plenty of fresh water on the island.

There is a long airstrip on Marble island that can cater for most light twin engine aircraft, however this sale includes a twin engine 8 passenger BN22A plane.

The waters that surround the islands are blue and deep, and can handle most big boats, as the island offers great shelter under extreme conditions.

This magnificent Archipelago Island Property consisting of three islands known as the Duke Group commonly recognised as Marble Island (2500 acres), Hunter Island (300 acres) and Tynemouth Island (500 acres) with Marble being the principal island.

The closest mainland access point is the township of Plum Tree via Stanage Bay which is located 12 nautical miles south of the island. Yeppoon and Mackay are approximately 100 nautical miles to the south and north respectively. The fishing is abundant throughout the 3 islands and the crystal blue water is perfect for open water sailing.

Marble Island has an approval to build accommodation for an extra 12 visitors or family. Fantastic white beaches with no human footprints and with plenty of beach combing to be done. The airstrip is 600 metres long and accommodates the owner’s twin engine aircraft. There is also a barge that is part of the asset list.

All 3 islands have a mass of wildlife including deer, cattle and bird life.

Owner’s Beach House

This home features polished marble flooring, from marble obtained and quarried off the Duke Group. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a large open planned kitchen and living area. Situated on a white sandy beach with breath taking views and a short stroll to the manager’s home.

Manager’s House

This home is also a modern 3 bedroom residence with large verandas on the northern and southern sides of the home with substantial beach and island views as well as a full sized tennis court nearby.

Guest House

A generous 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that has been exclusively designed and fitted out specifically for long stay accommodation purposes and will comfortably house 4 adults. This house is located some 500 metres from the manager’s residence and is also situated right on the beach.

Sheds and Cold Rooms

All facilities are in sound repair with huge separate cold and refrigeration storage areas built into existing structures. These facilities are all new, or near new and ideal for extended stays.

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