Quoin Island : Freehold

Price: $1.90M Negotiable

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  • 12 Acres of Freehold north Facing
  • Long Beach’s
  • Old stone dwellings
  • Ready to build on
  • Maybe able to subdivide (STCM)
  • High Ground and Tree’d
  • Easy access
  • Close to major airport and Marina


This North facing portion of the Island, is just off Gladstone, and has to be one of the best kept island secrets.

The Island has been in the family for many years and has played host to some memorable tropical balmy evening parties. This is a freehold island, which is rare as most islands in Queensland are leasehold. Freehold islands do not come on the market to often.

There is a major airport and marina close by with Curtis Island ferries passing the island twice a day for the carriage of passengers and vehicles, which means that you can transport all your machinery and hardware directly to the Island from the harbour of Gladstone

Quoin Island is about 30 acres approximately, and we are representing the best portion of 12 acres of freehold, and is one of the last available pieces of absolute beachfront properties in central Queensland. The Island has other residences within a community title on the remaining portion of this exquisite and unique piece of Australia as well as a commercial portion on the very southern end called Quoin Island Retreat which caters for food, weddings and functions as well as a Turtle Rehabilitation Centre  but this is situated at the very opposite side of the island and you will never hear any activity or noise, as this northern potion of the island is remote and extremely peaceful.

There are two old residences on the island which were built out of stone some years back, however the structure is fine, but need some work to bring them back to habitation, but the bones are all there, and with a bit of gardening and replanting, this 12 acres could be turned into a tropical botanical home(s)

This undeveloped land has the best vista and beaches within the Gladstone Harbour area and could be subdivided with council approval, as the property encompasses a number of all tides absolute deep water beaches with its own private bay and sand isthmus in which to land or moor your boat.

Quoin Island represents great value at $1.90M, and just recently the owners have asked me to move the island on, so that means that we are looking for any reasonable offer.

This island must sell.

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