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Quick Info

Type: Resort Island


  • Airstrip
  • Fantastic 1km clean white beach
  • Approved DA for further resort development
  • 25 brick bungalows
  • Ability to build your dream home in prime position



We are pleased to present Wild Duck Island, this is a resort that has never been completed with approximately 25 separate brick 2 bedroom bungalows. This resort was abandoned as a project 15 yeas ago.

The entire infrastructure has been put in place, but was never commissioned. These buildings have been used as accommodation for birds and wildlife over the years and due to the lack of maintenance the water has unfortunately intruded into these buildings due to rain and storms. However, saying that, they are still structurally sound, and would need some money spent on them and the infrastructure to make them habitable.

When we arrived on the island the first time there was a huge amount of clearing to be done, over a 4 week term with a group of enthusiastic workers that were able to burn off the 15 years of growth and clean up and seed the runway.

Our flight took 40 minutes from Rockhampton Airport in Central Queensland

George (new caretaker) and his team worked tirelessly in preparing the resort for inspection and the first aircraft to land on the runway in so many years.

During the clean up they found old cars and machinery, and a number of magnificent lakes. It appears that these lakes are all connected and shared with an amazing bird life and the odd deer.

The beaches are just the best with over a kilometre of white sand stretching from one small mountain to another with not a footprint in sight.

The property still has an approval for a further development on an area that just has the best views over some of the bluest water I have seen for a long time.

This island lease is for 75 years with 54 years to run and is renewable; the lease is the only one on this huge island and covers 300 acres of your own personal wilderness resort to fix up or to add to.

If I was to summarise the commercial opportunity for this island, I would say nearly income ready with approved development, and if I was to say what would you use it for; I would say: low cost budget back packer style business. If I was to say what about the future, then I would say: build the approved upmarket resort and open it up to a new world of customers.

But saying that, you could just build the best home on one of the best islands and say goodbye to the rat race.

See my two new video’s on Wild Duck Island


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For further details including an Information Memorandum, please contact Richard direct on 0415 107 515 or complete the form below.

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